ICE Port Explorer

CM_ICEPortExplorer is a set of customisable context menus to speed up ICE workflow. It allows quick placement of your favourite ICE attributes onto Set Data or Get Data ports.


Features include:

  • Favourite ICE attributes – customisable list of your most often used attributes.
  • Browse for any ICE and kinematics attributes available on a port. Can be split into alphabetic groups.
  • Set port data type.
  • Quickly clear the port or set it to ‘This.’
  • Records a history of the most recently chosen attributes from the context menus.
  • In Softimage 2012 even typed-in attributes can be recorded into the history menu.
  • All menus can be disabled or switched between top level or sub-menus.
  • Auto management of name conversion – choosing “pointvelocity” from the menu on an empty node will automatically resolve to “This.pointvelocity”. If the set data already has a connection or entry in the name field, the menus will try to resolve that as a scene object and display its ICE attributes.


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