Default Primitive settings for Softimage 2012

Quickly set a preset for the most common poly and surface primitives. Softimage 2012 only.

ICE geometry is the next hot thing (and rightly so), but most users will still rely on the old primitive meshes created from the modeling menu. Unfortunately, one of the more annoying things in Softimage is an inability to store presets for any of those primitives. If you always work with a 32×32 subdivided grid you’d probably have to add a new button somewhere in the UI to run a script or command that generated you favorite primitive. Hardly a very dynamic solution.

This plugin attempts to make it easy for users to quickly store a primitive preset, without the need for custom buttons cluttering up the UI – just use the same Get > Primitive menu as always. New SDK features (siOnEndCommand and the undo complex) are being used, so this will only work with Softimage 2012.


  • Supports cone, cube, cylinder, disc, grid, sphere, torus polygon and surface meshes.
  • Store size, subdivision and SRT settings for each primitive in a custom preference.
  • Pop-up menu allows the user to quickly store the settings from a selected primitive in the 3D view.
    • Alt-right-click on a single selected mesh that has a live primitive.
    • Select the Set Primitive Defaults menu.


Get it here: CM_DefaultPrimitives-1.2.xsiaddon


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