FX/Lighting reel 2011

Some of my FX and lighting work from the last couple of years. Shots: Planet Dinosaur @ Jellyfish Pictures. FX TD building various Softimage ICE based tools to assist artists in populating scenes with rivers, rain, crowds etc. Working some shots too! Everything rendered in Arnold. Audi Hummingbird @ The Mill, London. Fluid sims for […]

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ICE Port Explorer

CM_ICEPortExplorer is a set of customisable context menus to speed up ICE workflow. It allows quick placement of your favourite ICE attributes onto Set Data or Get Data ports. vimeo Features include: Favourite ICE attributes – customisable list of your most often used attributes. Browse for any ICE and kinematics attributes available on a port. […]

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Quickly insert and remove ICE pass through nodes

A context menu plugin to quickly add or remove ICE pass through nodes. Dave Barosin on the Softimage mailing list made the feature suggestion of a cool way to quickly insert pass through nodes into an ICE graph, just by right-clicking on a node. I thought I’d have a crack at it myself. Just right-click […]

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Default Primitive settings for Softimage 2012

Quickly set a preset for the most common poly and surface primitives. Softimage 2012 only. ICE geometry is the next hot thing (and rightly so), but most users will still rely on the old primitive meshes created from the modeling menu. Unfortunately, one of the more annoying things in Softimage is an inability to store […]

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ICE Cache to String Nodes

Correclty resolve ICE node strings to cache files using this ICE Node contextual menu. In Softimage 2012 it’s possible to load ICE caches using the new string nodes. Unfortunately after picking a file name, it doesn’t often resolve correctly to the cache file, particularly when there is frame padding involved. So, it’s necessary to manually […]

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Drag and Drop for ICE Caches

CM_ICECacheDragDrop is a plugin that provides support for dragging and dropping of ICE caches into a Softimage scene.

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ICE – Arrow Null to vector

Here’s a very simple ICE compound that transforms a null object (best if set to display as an arrow) into a vector for use in an ICE computations. This is great for controlling particle emission or setting the orientation of a particle, with nice visual feedback. Arrow Null To Vector.xsicompound

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Copying ICE nodes with input connections

This is a plugin that attempts to ease the workflow of reconnecting ports when copying ICE nodes. The plugin will copy and paste the selected node and will also re-wire all the input ports.

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